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Personally, I love playing and working in clay and paint. Professionally, my work in clay is in two direction. I create small "precious" covered jars, and, architectural scale ceramic wallworks.

Porcelain Jars

Porcelain Jars Gallery

Specifically, my smaller porcelain works (covered jars and fetish jars) are inspired by my immediate physical and spiritual environment. They are meant as "precious" objects that can be held in the hand, and can be used on many levels. I create containers/vessels because I believe in the sacred space within each of us and want to share and celebrate that intimate connetion and "preciousness."

Birds and Teapots The "Bird" sculptures and teapots are wheel-thrown, high-fired, glazed and unglazed. Overall, in the work that I do, I am responding to the clay, the environment, to images and abstractions. All of it is metaphoric. It is all a part of a much larger spiritural journey.

Birds and Teapots Gallery

Clay WallWorks My larger clay wallworks are more abstract than my thrown jars. they are clay slabs, painted, and embedded with recycled fired clay pieces of other works of mine, therefore, somewhat archeological in nature.

Clay WallWorks Gallery

MuralsI create vibrant and engaging interior murals in conjunction with architect, consultant or client. Colors range from soft and subdued to brilliant and energetic; style is painterly and imagery is abstract.
If you are interested in the possibility of a mural being created for your site, please fill out the Commissioned Work Information Form included in this site, and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Murals Gallery

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