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Sebastian Art
Barbara Sebastian Studios
San Rafael, California
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Birds and Teapots Gallery

The sculptures, jars, and teapots that I create of bird images (ravens, crows, blackbirds) were inspired by an experience I had in Japan in 2001 with a raven and a persimmon. It was a magical experience. Since then, I have not only used persimmons, but have added cups, jars, books, paint brushes, hats, feathers, and more, to the ravens bag of toys.

These works of art are all one-of-a-kind.

May the birds inspire you in many ways.

Similar work is available at my shows. Please check current schedule.

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  Another Balancing Act   Tea For Three Birds

  Kanji Lessons   Happy Birthday Ladybug   Practice

Messenger   Pause   Hat Couture
Tea and Reading Material
Just a Persimmon Tea and a Persimmon

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