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Sebastian Art
Barbara Sebastian Studios

San Rafael, California
V. 415.519.5925

Maquette for Work at SAS

Maquette for Work at SAS Institute, Bldg. S


I love color; it floods my senses. I love the tactile sense of touching the brush to the wall. And, I love designing the mural for the impact of the color.

I pay attention to the entirety of the room. It all matters; every detail, every movement, how the room is used and who will move through that space.

My work is about blending the needs of the client with my creativity to produce the ultimate impact on the interior environment and all those who view it.

Please check show schedule to see my porcelain and clay works.
And please visit my Porcelain and Clay WallWorks galleries.

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SAS Institute
Building T Lobby

Cary, North Carolina

SAS Institute Bldg T Lobby

Employee Cafe

Santa Clara, California

Royal Courts
San Jose, California

Royal Courts
SAS Institute
Building S Lobby

Cary, North Carolina

SAS Institute Bldg S Lobby
Blackhawk Fitness Center
Danville, California

Blackhawk Fitness Center
Tree House
Athletic Club

Draper, Utah

Tree House Athletic Club
Life Center
Athletic Club

Sandy, Utah

Life Center Athletic Club

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